08 November 2012

We are Africa

In October I got to go to South Africa for a quick work trip with a slightly longer fun trip. So more for me than anyone else (but isn't that how all blogging is?), here's a few things not to forget:

  • Rugby with uncontested scrums
  • Hatfield
    • Creme Soda and Cane Rum
    • Straw Rum Shots
  • Drive to Sabi
    • Kept going the wrong way
    • Kept hitting the windshield wipers
    • Giraffes on the side of the road
  • Monday Night
    • Rhino, baby rhino, impala
    • Scorpio Constellation
    • R600 bottle of wine
  • Tuesday Morning
    • Stalking elephants on foot
    • Impala, zebra, wildebeast
    • Leopard with a kill
    • Henry the Hippo
  • Tuesday Night
    • Hyena and kids
    • Buffalo
    • Hippos
    • Elephant and baby
    • Lion mating
    • Elephants drinking at night
    • Leopard in a tree
    • Meteor
  • Wednesday Morning
    • Field of giraffes and zebras
    • Lion chasing
    • Chasing the chase
    • 5 Lions in the road
  • Wednesday Night
    • Stalking rhinos
    • Sundowner from airfield
    • Stargazing on blankets
  • Thursday Morning
    • Sunrise on grass
    • Heat in termite mounds
Photos! (Good suggestion Schwartz)

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